The most Expensive Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising

July,22. 2015 / By Tyra

Speaking of New York Times Square, what do you think first? For the common visitors, it must be the blinking LED billboards. While in the eyes of man behind the LED billboards(called the advertiser), what pop to their head first should be how much of the effect of the LED billboards invest here will be.

According to the official data from Times Square Alliance: The average passengers swarm into the New York Time Square is 300 thousand per day (the data will increase to 460 thousand in busy season), at the same time, there are also 115 thousand of people go through by cars or by bus; the exposure of LED billboards here is up to 1.5 million everyday; half number of the passengers will take photos, and 60% interviewees claim they will keep their eyes on the LED billboards in New York Times Square over 5 minutes.

The more exposure, the deeper memory and the broader the new media spread, additionally, people also consider the brand is very high-end. Of course it is expensive. So here is the question: how expensive it is?

Based on the report from Wall Street Journal in 2012, just the LED billboards on the main building in the New York Times Square earns 23 million per year AND the data is 2 years ago, the investment increase rate of the outdoor LED billboards in US is 3.6% in recently years, the advertisement price even doubled in New York Times Square between 2002 and 2014.

No matter how the price of LED billboards increase in latest two years, the new KING LED billboard appeared.

Last November, a new LED billboard with total area 2300 square meter applied at the outside of Marriott Hotel in New York Times Square. The huge LED billboard occupied the whole block by 8 floors’ height, nearly same as football field length, stretching from Block 45 to 46, the passing passengers are all shocked when it is being tested.The price of advertising is 2.5 million every 4 weeks, and Google get the application right of Android system propaganda at the schedule of Christmas from the end of November to the beginning of January immediately when it is claimed to be open to market.

Time Square Outdoor LED Billboard

Large LED billboard at Marriott Hotel New York

Let’s see which Beverly hillbillies invest huge money and wait for you to stop and watch when you are at New York Times Square next time.