Features of Rental LED Display(I)


Temporary installation LED display or LED display for events is usually called rental LED display,for all most all the rental LED display is temporary installation type and usually for events. Design and production process of rental LED display has a fairly high standard to ensure efficient transport and installation, stable operation, long enough life to meet a variety of occasions, frequency of assembly and disassembly .

Panels matching is one of the most important points in structure design of a rental LED display that should be considered. Panels matching can directly affect the quality of the visual effects of an LED display. Currently, manufacturers are emphasizing and highlighting four characteristics of rental LED display,these are portable, lightweight, seamless splicing and shockproof.

For LED display manufacturers, in addition to general requirements, the rental LED display also need to meet a series of specific requirements, in order to meet customer needs and habits.


First of all,rental LED displays should be safe.

Rental LED displays require safety of installation and use, safety of transportation and storage.

● Able to quickly check the safety conditions.Rental LED display often stacked high, or hoisting aloft, there will be close to the cast ,crew and spectators, so structural safety is particularly important. As the installation time is short, you can not stay out very long time to check whether the firm, so you can quickly check the security is particularly important. So rental LED display must be designed so that the insecurely situation is very easy to be found.

● High resistance against slight bump during the transport and handling is required.For rental LED display the time of it in a truck, a boat, an airplane is usually longer than their working time, so the rental LED panels and package must be able to withstand the bumps and vibration during long transport. Truck with rental LED rental panels are sometimes unable to enter on some occasions, even the flight cases can not get access.Then manual handling will be necessary. In this case, slight bump it is inevitable, so the rental LED display should not be too sensitive to bump.Slight bump should not lead to significant deformation, paint chips or damage.


 Rental LED display must be easy and fast assembly and disassembly.

Labor costs in almost all developed countries are high and significantly increasing in other countries. If the rental LED display lack of consideration in this point, it will undoubtedly increase the rental company’s operating costs.

● Faster assembly and disassembly.Speed of assembly and disassembly largely determines the rental company’s labor costs and operational capabilities, so customers like being able to quickly and easily assembled, disassembled and transported the rental LED display. This includes not only the LED panels and its accessories, packaging (flight case) design is also very important.

● Smaller relying on professionals.Generally speaking ,personnel on site handling and assembly of LED displays some times can be some temporary employment, they do not have the experience to install or use an LED display.So free tools and training without complex installation procedure is required to be considered in to the design.

● Supports single operation, one-handed operationA person can complete the work, it’s unnecessary to need two. For high-above-ground operations, considering the safety of operators, single-handed operation design should be taken as far as possible.

● Rapid partial replacement and maintenance.In addition to improving product reliability, but capable of rapid partial (modules or panels) replacement is different term between the rental LED display and fixed installation LED display.Sometimes more than two minutes of time of replacement would be unacceptable for customers.

● Fewer types of parts and accessories,clearer identifies. Types of accessories,parts and cables should be kept as fewer as possible and easy to identify. It typically needs to make a clear distinction with the color or shape, to prevent a wrong (especially in times of emergency and poor light conditions).

 To be continued

——— By Mr.Alex, Seinor Engineerer from AceOpto