Rental LED Display

Temporary installation LED display or LED display for events is usually called rental LED display,for all most all the rental LED display is temporary installation type and usually for events. Design and production process of rental LED display has a fairly high standard to ensure efficient transport and installation, stable operation, long enough life to meet a variety of occasions, frequency of assembly and disassembly . Panels matching is one of the most important points in structure design of a rental LED display that should be considered. Panels matching can directly affect the quality of the visual effects of an LED display. Currently, manufacturers are emphasizing and highlighting four characteristics of rental LED display,these are portable, lightweight, seamless splicing and shockproof. For LED display manufacturers, in addition to general requirements, the rental LED display also need to meet a series of specific requirements, in order to meet customer needs and habits.

Rental LED Display

Rental LED Display for Concert

Stage Back Ground LED Display

Stage Back Ground LED Display

Outdoor P6.66 Rental LED Display

Wall Mounted Outdoor LED Billboard


Music festival LED Display

Shopping Mall LED Billboard


Features of AceOpto’s LED Billboards

  • Rigorous testing, modular design and high protection ratings, creating a reliable quality of AceOpto’s LED billboards,even under extreme weather conditions,it can be stable operation.

  • High refresh rates eliminates flicker, makes the picture more stable and smooth.

  • High gradation and high contrast, make the color of AceOpto’s LED billboards sharper, image cleaner, the picture more realistic.

  • Automatic light-sensitive system, can automatically adjust the billboards’ brightness according to ambient brightness changes.This not only makes the display looked more in line with the visual requirements,and energy saving, reduction of light pollution, and also able to reduce your electricity costs.

  • You can use the dual system for hot backup. A control computer problems, it can automatically switch to another to continue to work.

  • Remote control function allows matter anywhere, as long as the Internet, users can always controls or change the content on LED billboards.

  • With our monitoring function, users can always know the operational status of AceOpto’s LED billboards.

  • With our smart switch card,users can set the a schedule of when the LED billboards should start work and when should end work.

System Diagram of LED Billboards

Simple Diagram of LED Billboards's System  

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