Quality Control

AceOpto has the advanced and precise apparatus & equipments to ensure the good quality of the products. Through many years of development, AceOpto has kept a leading position domestically in the aspects such as on-the-spot management, quality control, technical development mechanism and management check system etc. in the LED Display industry

Production Equipment.

AceOpto has the advanced and precise production equipments such as the SMT placement machine, the hot air reflow soldering machine, the wave-peak soldering machine, the automatic lamp-inserting machine and the automatic glue dispensing machine etc. Also we are equipped with some reliability testing machines such as the high temperature aging chamber and the thermal shock testing machine, etc. The automatic machines have been adopted for the dice-bonding, wire-bonding, encapsulating, and the sorting of brightness and color of the LED elements. In order to increase the stability of the products, AceOpto has also gotten the equipments such as the LED parameters testing system, the vibration tester, the thermal shock tester, the salt spraying tester, and testing machines for high voltage, insulation resistance, etc., which has ensured both the complete LED display and components in the stable status.

Reliability Test

In order to avoid the potential defects existed in the design and production, we conduct a series of reliability tests such as the electronic performance test for the semi-finished products and finished products, the anti-dust test, the waterproof test, the anti-corrosion test(salt spraying test ), the vibration test and thermal shock tester, etc.

  1. The Reliability Test for the Semi-finished products. Before sealant-sealing for semi-finished modules and after QC inspection, more than 48 hours’ aging should be made in the high temperature for all the products.
  2. The Reliability Test for the Finished Products. Assembling the finished modules to the LED cabinets and simulating the on-the-spot whole panel assembly, we keep them aging for more than 48 hours during which, if no defects found, the delivery then can be made.
  3. The Waterproof Test. During the rainy seasons, the waterproof performance of the outdoor LED display is quite important. AceOptoperforms the high-pressure water-spraying test as well as submerging test, water-showering test against the front panel to ensure its waterproof performance in good state. Therefore, the waterproof degree of IP65 has been completely reached.
  4. The Anti-corrosion Test: In order to ensure the reliability of anticorrosion of the PCBs and the cabinets treated by anti-corrosion, hence, the salty spraying test must be made during the production.
  5. To the traffic guiding screen and vehicle-carried screen, due to the operation of which is under the conditions of vibration, in order to ensure the reliability of the screens, therefore, the simulated vibration test against the screens must be conducted.
  6. The debugging over the screen under the real outdoor environment can ensure the effects of display in factory are the same with the effects of display on-the-spot.


Quality Management

  1. The 7S on-the-spot Management has been implementing and the process-controlling method of SPC statistics has been using.
  2. ISO9001:2008 Certification has already been passed.
  3. The Perfect Quality Organization such as IQC, IPQC, LQC, OQC, QE engineering and the management of the suppliers, etc. have already been established.