Moisture-proof of LED Video Wall

                                                                                                                                         Aug.2,2016. By Tyra

It it well known that LED video walls can be divided into the indoor and the outdoor based on its application place. The indoor LED video wall requires moisture-proof function, while for the outdoor, not only moisture-proof, but water-proof is also a must.Otherwise, the LED video wall will be led to short circuit, or even fire in worse case caused by bad water-proof or moisture-proof performance. Therefore it is necessary to make sure the products are in good water-proof or moisture-proof condition in rainy season.So how does the LED video wall have a good moisture-proof or water-proof performance?

Below items should be paid attention to (noted) for users:

1.For the indoor LED video wall, suitable ventilation, which could make the water vapor adhered to the video wall evaporated fast, and reduce the relative humidity in indoor environment. Aired in wind-less and humid weather is avoided, which on the contrary, will aggravate indoor humid.

2.Secondly, put some drying agents in the room to reduce the moisture in the air; Or the moisture can be also dehumidified in the humid weather by air-conditioner if you have one.

3.The environment for outdoor LED video wall is more complicated than the indoor one. For the outdoor ones,the anti-moisture is applied same with the indoor ways. While not only the moisture-proof is considered, but the water-proof should also be well executed, esp in rainy reason.Therefore well sealed structure could reduce the risk of water leakage in the LED video wall, besides regular clearance of the dust adhered to the outside and inside the LED could help to get better heat dissipation and then reduce water vapor.

4.No matter the indoor or outdoor LED video wall, the most efficient way to avoid the damage caused by moisture is to let it work A certain heat will be generated when the LED video wall is working and part of the vapor will be evaporated accordingly, which will greatly reduce the probability of short circuit caused by moisture. Therefore, the influence of moisture for frequent using will be less comparing with hardly using.

5.For the LED video wall manufacturer, The PCB should do the anti-corrosion treatment during manufacturing to avoid the PCB, power supply, power cord or other component to be oxide etched and then breakdown caused by serious humid environment,such as tri-proof paint spraying on the surface. Other parts should also be made by good anti-corrosion material. Welding area is the most easily corroded part, which should be well protected, esp the frame gets easily rusted, so the anti-rust treatment is the best choice.