How to give an old LED display a new life

For a 5 years old outdoor LED display,the image displayed on the screen might get blurred and look like this as below.

Old LED displayOr if you purchase different batches of LED panels for your rental business,and different batches of LED panels have color difference.What should you do in case you come across these situation?For a new LED display,especially for an outdoor LED display,after several years working,there’s must be a varying degrees of blurred.The reason is that the attenuation of the LED chips is discord. Fortunately, a technology called Pixel-by-pixel Correction is able to solve the issue.


Pixel-by-pixel Correction technology can adjust the LEDs which at different brightness to the same brightness level.Then the images on the screen will be turn to clear again like brand new.

You may curious about how it works.Here are the steps as below,

  • We shall replace all dead LEDs.
  • Fix all the other failures such as dead power supplies,faulty receivers,faulty connectors or cables.
  • Clean the surface of the LED display.
  • Collect luminous data of all the LEDs in the LED display by an SLR camera.
  • Upload the luminous data to Pixel-by-pixel Correction software for computing and analyzing to get correction data.
  • Sending the connection data to the controller of LED display.  LED display Pixel-by-pixel-correction

After correction,the LED display will have less than 3% color difference and less than 0.003 brightness difference.

Of course,after pixel by pixel correction,the LED display will get a certain percentage of brightness loss.The quantity of loss depends on the quality of the LEDs.