LED Display Knowledge

What is LED Display

LED display is composed of tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands of light emitting diodes composed of pixels evenly. The use of different materials can be manufactured in different colors of the LED display.

The reason why LED display widespread attention and rapid development, because it has a high brightness, long life, modular, energy efficient, unrestricted area, high stability and reliability. LED display prospects are generally good people.

Classification of LED Display

1. By the display color:

a.Monochrome: single color (red or green or blue), mainly for simple graphic display.

b.Dual color: red and green dual color, 256 gray scale, you can display 65,536 colors, mainly for simple graphic display.

c.Full color: pixel consists of red, green and blue color, 256 gray scale full color display can show 16777216 colors. Mainly used for high definition video, images, animation, advertising and other content is displayed.

2. By using the occasion:

a.Indoor LED Display: smaller pixel pitch, generally from 2mm to 10mm. Brightness is not as high has outdoor LED display. Generally do not do water treatment. Display area is generally from a few meters to tens or hundreds of square meters.

b.Outdoor LED display: With a large pixel pitch, usually from 6mm to 25mm or larger. High brightness, can be displayed properly in the sun. Has a waterproof rain. General area from tens to hundreds of meters or even thousands of square meters.

3. By installation way:

a.Fixed installation: fixed installation LED is the main installation way. Fixed installation is divided into the following categories as below,

Types of fixed installation of LED display

Types of fixed installation ways

b.Temporary installation: temporary installation is generally used for a variety of activities, temporary stage, around the stadium, equipment rental and more. Its main feature is the box generally have air plugs (including power and signal), fast lock and other configurations, the box size is generally fixed installation than lighter weight of the box, to facilitate the rapid disassemble. This type of LED display air box generally need to be recycled packaging and transportation in order to get the best protection LED display in a number of transportation.

4.By LED package way:

a.SMD LED Display: SMD is the abbreviation for Surface Mounted Devices. It is characterized by blending good viewing angle, color consistency, and relatively low power consumption. The traditional lack of SMD LED display brightness at lower moisture performance than DIP. But as technology advances, deficiencies SMD has basically been overcome.

b.DIP LED Display: DIP Dual In line Package is an abbreviation. Such LED is the first development of the LED, which is characterized by stable performance, high brightness, good waterproof performance. The downside is that consistency is better color mixing and color SMD LED.